Coffinworm​/​Fistula split 7"

by Coffinworm



Hell Comes Home Vol. 1 (HCH-007)


released July 16, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Instant Death Syndrome
Unwashed kingdom of failures, resplendent with filth
and incalculable cruelty:
Arise from unlight to destroy the divine!
Profane sacred intent.
Reclamation of our doomed domain
From the gutter to the grave.
Bastards seeds of damnation...tonight we strike!

That which we pray for is that which we'll die for.

Our tyranny of pain...beneath the cloak of sin.
Mainline the Holy blood!
Feral denizens of nihility...we strike!

All that we've lived for is that which we now die for.

Feed Us!

Feed us...eternal night, feed us...majestic decay.
Our ravenous hunger for the end, let us touch the great nothing!

Assembly line of womb to tomb, in the embrace of ruin.
Principled lust for ruin.
Unbridled lust for ruin.

Thrust into the web of perdition.